fall tips - property care hamptons

Fall Property Care Checklist for the Hamptons

As fall gets underways in the Hamptons, it’s time to ensure that your property is in tip-top shape and ready for the winter weather.

Below are our suggestions for tasks to do this season. We provide world-class grounds maintenance services for properties throughout the Hamptons – please call us if you would like help with any of these activities.

Lawn Care

  • Rake leaves from lawn (or mulch them if it’s an organic lawn)
  • Overseed the lawn where needed
  • Aerate and fertilize the lawn
  • Ensure that the lawn is receiving an inch of water a week

Plants and Trees

  • Plant any new trees or shrubs; fall is an excellent time for planting while the soil is still warm
  • Cover shrubs and plants that are susceptible to cold weather, especially boxwoods and holly shrubs, with burlap or similar protective cloth
  • Prune out dead wood or branches in trees that might prove dangerous in winter weather
  • If your trees or shrubs have had any problems with diseases, remove the leaves around them to ensure diseases don’t spread
  • Continue to water trees, especially those that have been planted within the past two years
  • Continue to water plants, as they need to store up water for the winter months
  • Spray anti-desiccant spray on broadleaved evergreens to prevent them from drying out
  • Apply mulch around trees and plants to help hold in moisture and moderate soil temperatures
  • Spray deer spray on shrubs and trees to discourage feeding and antler rubbing

Other Yard Care

  • Remove weeds – doing so now lessens the spread of weeds in spring
  • Plant spring-flowering bulbs
  • Put tall makers along driveway before the ground freezes
  • Replace any burned out light bulbs
  • Cover up air conditioning units

Water Features

  • Drain pools and ponds
  • Blow out outdoor water lines/irrigation systems
  • Winterize spas
  • Winterize the pool house and outdoor showers
  • Insulate exposed pipes


  • Make sure gas is emptied from any gas-powered tools such as lawn mowers, trimmers, and chainsaws
  • Store hoses, outdoor furniture tools, flower pots, etc.


  • Clean out gutters to prevent ice dams
  • Inspect roof
  • Check batteries, including smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace if needed
  • Clean security camera lenses
  • Seal windows to make the buildings more energy efficient
  • Install storm doors
  • Ensure vents are clear in HVAC systems