Lawn Care

For lush green grass



Every lawn is different. 

That's why we provide comprehensive lawn care services to help you achieve a lush, green lawn that is more resistant to disease, insects, and weeds.

We have extensive knowledge of lawn products and maintenance strategies, allowing us to develop a lawn care program to suit the specific needs of your property. We focus on increasing the overall health and appearance of grassy areas, while treating disease and other lawn problems.

We look forward to meeting with you to see how we can help improve the health and vigor of your lawn to have it looking its best.

Lawn Services

Lawn Services

Lawn Services


    Aeration: An important procedure in lawn care, mechanical core aeration allows increased oxygen to penetrate the root zone of the turf, encouraging microbial activity and helping to relieve soil compaction. Core aeration also provides more room for root growth and increases drainage to help your lawn look it's best!

    Top Dress & Overseed: Using a broadcast seeding method, new seed is planted directly into the soil. This allows the lawn to recover from the previous season, preparing it to tolerate stressful conditions in the following season. It encourages a thicker turf, which discourages weeds and helps with rejuvenation. It is best done on an annual basis, generally in the fall.

  • Soil Analysis & Diagnostics

    Every lawn has a natural optimal environment in which to thrive. Soil testing determines the soil conditions, microbial activity and nutrient levels. Through diagnostics, soil amendment recommendations are provided to adjust the nutrient levels through the seasons and achieve a healthier soil environment for your lawn to grow.

  • Lawn Renovation

    Where lawn quality is unacceptable, renovation may be necessary. Renovation involves planting grass seed into an existing lawn area, often adding new grass varieties to repair damage or increase tolerance to drought, shade, or wear. Renovation is usually suggested when approximately 20-25% of the lawn is bare or covered with weeds. In some cases, if the problems are too severe, starting a new lawn may be the best option.

  • Irrigation Monitoring

    Water is important to any landscape and to have your lawn looking its best, the proper amount of irrigation is critical. Our technicians monitor and adjust your time clock system to provide the right amount of irrigation, while working closely with your irrigation company to ensure the system is in working order and repaired when necessary.





    Our lawn care program is an 8-step program designed to help improve turf performance, which includes fertilization, weed and insect control. It is the basis for a healthy and beautiful lawn, feeding your lawn when necessary and controlling weeds and insects you don't want. Our goal is to have your lawn look it's best!

Pest & Insect Control

Pest & Insect Control

Pest & Insect Control

  • Insect Control

    Controlling lawn insects is included in our lawn care program, along with fertilization to prevent insect damage. Insects, such as grubs and chinch bugs, can damage your lawn root systems leaving your lawn with brown spots or other visible damage, which is costly and timely to repair if left untreated. Keeping your lawn environment healthy is our goal.


  • Tick Management (includes ants, fleas & ticks)

    Tick are active in our area from spring through late fall. Our certified technician will spray your yard to help suppress the tick population, to help keep you and your pets safe.

  • Mosquito Management

    To control your mosquito population, our certified technician will spray your yard and perimeter to help suppress mosquito presence and activity. An organic option is available.

Weed & Disease Control

Weed & Disease Control

Weed & Disease Control

  • Weed Control Program

    No one likes to see weeds in their lawn. We control weeds in our lawn care program so your lawn looks vibrant and healthy. Most weeds are harmless to your lawn, however, they do spread, eliminating the lawn over time. Preventing them from the onset eliminates the need to correct larger weed problems over time. Everyone loves a great looking green lawn!

  • Disease Control Program

    While a lawn care program focuses on the fertilization of a lawn, a disease control program focuses on preventing and treating common lawn diseases, such as red thread, brown patch, leafspot, etc. When the environmental conditions of moisture, humidity and temperatures are just right, the pathogens in your lawn take over. Once a disease is seen, it requires treatment, which takes time to correct it. Prevention is your best strategy.