Grounds Maintenance

For over 8 years, Peconic Lawn & Tree Care has provided world-class grounds maintenance services for properties throughout the Hamptons.

We understand the importance of maintaining your living, breathing landscape through all seasons. Let our professional grounds maintenance team do all the work so you can simply relax and enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

Our grounds maintenance services include:

  • Seasonal Clean Up

    In early Spring, it's time to clean up winter leaves and debris and get ready for your landscape to thrive in the growing months. A thorough spring clean up is important to prepare the yard for the best growing conditions while minimizing the exposure to fungus and disease. Fall Clean Up removes all leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated over the course of the summer season cleans and prepares your property for the winter, however, more importantly, it helps protect your landscape from disease that may persist in the soil, fallen leaves, or dead branches remaining on the plant. Clean up helps minimize the amount of fungal material that survives winter by removing all debris prior to the first snowfall.

  • Bed Edging & Weeding

    Edging and weeding is done to keep your beds maintained throughout the season and preparing them in the Spring is essential to your landscape looking it's best, allowing for seasonal maintenance to keep them that way.

  • Mulch Installation

    Mulch is a very important part of your landscape. It not only provides an esthetically pleasing look, enhancing the beauty of your landscape, but it also provides cover to the beds to control weeds and reduce moisture loss to plants.

  • Grounds Maintenance

    The key to a great looking landscape is Grounds Maintenance. Each visit takes care of maintaining the clean up that was completed in the Spring, weeding beds, maintaining bed edges, deadheading plants, removing debris, etc. It's the details in maintenance that separate your landscape from the rest!

  • Mow & Trim

    Most believe we mow to keep our lawn and edges looking neat and clean, however, when it comes to the health of your lawn, mowing is one of the most important components to keeping it healthy. It's simple. Mow it frequently. While height is important - too low and it will scalp the lawn, too high and a host of other problems arise, but for a great lawn, mow more often! The fact is, that if all other factors are equal, the lawn that is mowed most frequently will be superior to all the others and it should be done from early spring through mid fall.

  • Lawn Care Program

    Our lawn fertilization program is an 8-step program designed to help improve turf performance, which includes fertilization, weed and insect control. It is the basis for a healthy and beautiful lawn, feeding your lawn when necessary and controlling weeds and insects you don't want. Our goal is to have your lawn look it's best!

  • Tree & Shrub Care Program

    Our 8 step Tree & Shrub Care Program is designed to help improve and maintain the health of your trees and shrubs, which includes insect and disease control. It is the basis for healthy and aesthetically pleasing plants, providing nutrition and insect control at the right time of the season.

  • Tick & Mosquito Management

    While insects, like ticks and mosquitoes, are a nuisance, as well as a health concern, it's also important to control their population and activity in season. We provide tick control through a program as the timing is very important keeping the risk of tick disease to a minimum. Mosquito control is provided as a program or on an as needed basis.

  • Hedge Trimming

    To keep hedges healthy and looking their best, trimming is essential to keep them neat. Regular trimming minimizes gaps that take care and time to rectify. For young hedges, it is tempting to leave them to grow upwards, however, trimming will encourage the hedge to become dense and compact for privacy, as opposed to thin and sparse.

  • Soil Analysis & Amendments

    Every component of your landscape has a natural optimal environment in which to thrive. Soil testing determines the soil conditions, microbial activity and nutrient levels. Through diagnostics, soil amendment recommendations are provided to adjust the nutrient levels through the seasons, to achieve a healthier soil environment for your landscape to grow.

  • Core Aeration

    An important procedure in lawn care, mechanical core aeration will allow increased oxygen to penetrate the root zone of the turf, encouraging microbial activity and helping to relieve soil compaction. Core aeration will also provide more room for root growth and increase drainage to help your lawn to look it's best!

  • Top Dress & Overseed

    Using a broadcast seeding method, new seed will be planted directly into the soil. This allows the lawn to recover from the previous season, preparing it to tolerate stressful conditions in the following season. It encourages a thicker turf, which discourages weeds and helps with rejuvenation. It is best done on an annual basis, generally in the fall.

  • Winter Shrub Protection

    During winter, the weather can be especially unpredictable; ice, snow, low temperatures, high winds can all play havoc on our trees and shrubs, which can be expensive losses. To protect your investment, we tie and/or wrap plant material to protect your landscape from harsh winter weather, minimizing winter damage.

  • Ornamental Tree & Shrub Pruning

    In order to maintain or improve tree health structure, pruning is necessary, for both young and established trees. Young trees benefit by ensuring a strong framework for future growth, while mature trees benefit in overall health maintenance and safety. Pruning also assists in maintaining the shape and form of trees so they stay looking their best and maintain their structural integrity.

  • Seasonal Color

    We create gardens of distinction to accent your landscape and enhance the appeal of your outdoor space, making a great 1st impression and enjoyable color where it has the greatest impact providing installation and maintenance of annuals, perennials and seasonal bulbs.

  • Irrigation Monitoring

    One of the most important ingredients to a healthy landscaping is proper irrigation. Too much or too little water can cause disease and stress on your lawn, trees and shrubs. We monitor your system, changing the amount and frequency of water in direct relation to the current weather, time of the season, soil conditions and plant and lawn needs.

  • Snow Removal & Ice Management

    In the winter months, when snow and ice come our way, we provide snow plowing, shoveling and ice management to keep the path to your home safe.

  • Deer Management

    Once the deer find a food source, they are very persistent in returning, damaging your trees and plants while eating their latest meal. To protect your investment and control the deer activity in your yard, we provide deer fence installation, as well as deer repellent spray. Deer repellent is offered as a seasonal program or as needed.


Contact us to schedule a consultation. We look forward to meeting with you and developing a maintenance strategy to suit the specific needs of your property.